• Pro-Line Correction Tape FASTER C648, C649, C650

    Introducing Faster’s New Refillable Correction Tape Pen Series.

    This correction tape dispenser series features three correction tape pens, with three different tape width options: 4.2 mm, 5 mm, 6mm x 6 m (for an entire length of tape roll). Light weighted, with the slim body designed for comfy handling, with ‘press and roll’ mechanical function. The sturdy tip of the pen with plastic borders on both sides preventing the tape to slip out of the track enables a line of unbroken tape on the surface when apply. Refillable, each with its own correction tape roll refill (R-C648, R-C649, R-C650). The pen comes in 3 colors: Blue, Pink, Grey.

    Price : 468 Baht/Dozen
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